Unannounced Project

Dragons Lake Entertainment (Room 8 Group) - Remote

January 2024 - Present

Flying toward a new and exciting project!

Star Citizen - Squadron 42

Cloud Imperium Games - Manchester

July 2019 - December 2023

- 'Owning' multiple campaign missions 

- Whiteboxing spaces and creating mechanic protototypes to sell the gameplay.

- Working with various teams to implement features (cinematics, mechanics, art) in multiple story-rich linear levels

- Pushing tech with teams to create epic moments

- Working directly with Narrative and MoCap actors

- Finding and fixing or directing bugs to appropriate teams

- CryEngine / StarEngine

- Jira

- Confulence

- Adobe Creative Suite

- Microsoft Suite (Teams, Excel, Visio)

- Shotgun

- Various in-house tools for Blueprinting, Entity Data, etc.

At CIG, I have worked on & 'owned' many different story-driven linear levels, working closely with many teams to get them to a 'content-complete' state, guiding individuals or supporting where needed. This includes setting up complex mechanics with the in-house 'blueprint-like' software, working with various animation teams to get smooth playing, epic moments plus pacing and plenty of debugging.

Working Title - Crossfire Co-Op (unreleased)

Starbreeze Studios - Stockholm

June 2017 - June 2019

Duringmy time I have produced numerous whitebox environments in different themes during different parts of development. I have worked on 360-degree environments in both large vehicular spaces and close quarter environments within the FPS title working with others or independently where required.

Additionally, I have assisted on Overkills The Walking Dead (release Nov. 2018)

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ubisoft Reflectios - Newcastle

February 2017

I participated in a 2-day QA session at Ubisoft Reflections to asses and comment on how Ghost Recon Wildlands plays, and with what could be improved.

This was done during my own time to get a better understanding for the games industry whilst at University.

Education - Teesside University

Ba (Hons) - Computer Games Design

September 2015 - May 2017

Completed two years at Teesside University in Computer Games Design.

During my second year, I finished with 4 A's and a B (4 Firsts and a 2-1), with an overall A (First).

UCAS code: G470 BA/CGD

Liam Hassall    Senior Level Designer